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Aftershock Studios is an award winning production company specializing in creating and telling stories in a visual medium that make people want to stand up and cheer.  With the award winning filmmaker, Matt Sconce, your project will reach new heights.  Whether you want a commercial that is different than the rest, a short film made that looks like a million bucks, a music video made that will command attention, a screenplay refined, edited, or written, or to make a feature film, Aftershock Studios is the winning choice!


Matt Sconce Matt Sconce is the CCO of the start-up company Movie Heroes, Inc. and the President of Aftershock Studios LLC as well as a multi-award winning Director/Writer/Filmmaker/Marketer with a Bachelor's degree in Communication. He has Produced eleven short films, written six feature screenplays, produced five feature films of which two he directed.  


His feature "Stricken" was released by Warner Bros/Gravitas on 15 million televisions and is now available on DVD.  His most recent film, "FIREFALL - An Epic Family Adventure", will be released theatrically in 2013.  His editing skills for Local NBC affiliate KSEE24 were nominated for an EMMY and Sconce just signed a 5 movie output distribution deal with R Squared Films.


His awards include: winning a National American Idol music video contest in 2004, Best Sound Design for "Stricken the Short", Best Visual Effects for "PUSH", Best Adapted Screenplay for "Stricken", Best Horror Film for "Stricken", Best Visual Effects for "Stricken", and Excellence in Comedy for his co-written screenplay "Firefall". His feature length screenplay "Magic" recently won Best Family/Children Screenplay at the AOF and Best Script of the Year at the AIFF.  The short "LEX" he produced also won Best Short at the AOF in 2011. He has recently been nominated for Best Director, Best Feature Film, and Best Art Direction (Overall Look) for "Stricken" at The City of Death International Film Festival in Texas. Sconce is also slated to be the director of photography on the feature film “Barcelona Bolero” and filmed trailer footage for the Warner Brothers feature film "Red Riding Hood.”


Recently, Sconce led a marketing campaign with Movie Heroes, Inc that saved a small town theater from disappearing and launched a new way for theaters to do business that is now gaining national recognition.  They are currently expanding across the Nation.

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Telling stories that make people stand up and cheer...

We can work within most budgets so contact us to discuss your project needs and ideas you may have.  We can then give you estimates based on your needs.  We usually respond within 24 hours.

Such vision, and the ability to make a movie happen... He is great to work with always positive even after 22hr day. He is a great director bottom line...


Matt has demonstrated the highest degree of mastery and creativity from endeavor to expanding endeavor, as a writer/director with the HVX and RED Cam FX work. I can hardly wait to see what he, and his master builder father Gary come up with next...


WOW! As anyone can attest who has worked with Matt Sconce, he is "ONE AMAZING TALENT."...and I truly believe I've had the rare opportunity to work with a young "Master" who will someday WOW the world....


Matt is a pure artist with film and will soon be widely known for his masterful touch. Just as we think of Ford or Hitchcock, we will soon think of Sconce...

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Matt Sconce Director/Writer/DP/Producer/Editor


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